Sophia Bel – Anxious Avoidant

Sophia Bel Drops a New Album “Anxious Avoidant” Mixtape.

Download Anxious Avoidant Free Mp3 Album.

Stream “Sophia Bel – Anxious Avoidant” Free Album Below.


Sophia Bel – Anxious Avoidant Tracklist

  1. All Fucking Weekend
  2. You’re Not Real You’re Just a Ghost
  3. Lonely After Curfew
  4. I Won’t Bite
  5. Everything I Touch Falls Apart
  6. 2AM (And I Did It Again)
  7. I Don’t Need My Space
  8. Choke
  9. I Only Want You Cuz You’re Mean
  10. Just Like A Glove
  11. I Promise I’ll Stop Running From The Light

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